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-Multiple reasons: Quality materials, low water absorption, strength, and durability. We source webbing that is lightweight, strong, soft and durable that will work hard for years to come. We have found that webbing made of polyester material is superior to straps made of nylon or polypropylene webbing.
-Polyester webbing has a low water absorption rate making it ideal for daily and long-term use in the water. When you “rig to flip”, our straps will not stretch when wet keeping your gear in place. Older straps will not rot, and polyester does not easily mildew. Additionally, polyester webbing is UV resistant and maintains its color.
-We place our straps in all sorts of situations, and we can rely on the load strength that polyester webbing offers. It combines the best properties of nylon and polypropylene making an ideal material for all paddle sport applications.
-It is abrasion resistant and does not pile, which is able to handle the abuse of river trips and unexpected situations.
-Polyester webbing has a high melting point, making it tough enough to survive a summer canyon trip.

-Turnaround time for custom work is typically 10-14 business days. This time frame is dependent on the size, specifications, and current availability.
-Once a request is made we will contact you to finalize details and specifications.

We sure do! If you need great gear in your store we would love to help out. Inquires about wholesale purchases can be made at our Contact page.

Currently shipping is available anywhere in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Alaska.