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Occasionally we will posts blogs here highlighting useful information for our products and other river skills.

Tips & Tricks #3 - Knots & Hitches


Knots and learning how to tie them are great tools for anyone to know. Here we will talk about some of the basic knots and hitches commonly used on and off the water and how they can be used. For detailed instructions on how to tie the knots we will provide a link with...

Tips & Tricks #2 - River Knives


A river knife is a must-have piece of gear for anyone spending time on the water. This is an item that can be essential in performing a multitude of tasks and should always be included. It doesn’t have to be a huge survival knife, and in fact the more compact the better. The following...

Cam straps- What are they and how do I use them?


Here we’ll break down what cam straps are, some frequently asked questions, and how to use cam straps to secure your gear, boats, or other cargo.   Cam straps overview Our cam straps are made of 1” polyester webbing with one cam buckle at the end.  Cam buckles are remarkably easy to use with...

Tips & Tricks #1 - How To Roll a Cam Strap


We’ve had lots of people ask “What’s the best way to roll a strap?” so we decided post our preferred method. Make sure to check out our video too! Feel free to leave any tips or helpful ideas of your own in the comments section. Roll on! Neat and tidy! Fold the strap in...

Gear Tips for New Guides


Every Spring sees new people beginning their journey as a whitewater guide. In addition to the training and skill sets they learn, a crucial component to their success is the gear they use. But with so many options (and opinions) these days it can be daunting in figuring out what is best for you....