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Tips & Tricks #1 - How To Roll a Cam Strap

We’ve had lots of people ask “What’s the best way to roll a strap?” so we decided post our preferred method. Make sure to check out our video too! Feel free to leave any tips or helpful ideas of your own in the comments section. Roll on!

Neat and tidy!

Fold the strap in half towards the underside of the buckle. Tuck the tail of the strap through the gap below the cam and leave about a 4”' to 6” tail for our standard 6’ strap. The longer the strap, the longer your tail needs to be.

Start rolling the folded end of the strap towards the underside of the cam buckle. Try to keep the roll as tight as possible.

When the roll gets to the buckle, hold the roll and buckle firmly with one hand. Take the tail and fold it back over the roll towards the buckle.

Insert the tail of the strap through the cam buckle as normal. Keep holding the roll firmly to keep it from loosening.

Pull the tail snug and voila! You have a rolled cam strap ready for storage.

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