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What Strap Do I Need? - A Very Brief Breakdown of Straps, Lengths, and Ideas to Use Them

What strap do I need? We’ve been asked that question a lot so to help we’ve written out a rough guideline on the buckles we use, how our straps work, and what length to use on your next adventure.

Cam Buckles

We only use Rollercam® buckles on our straps because we believe they are the best. Over the years we’ve seen all sorts of designs but these buckles wowed us with their ease of use and ability to hold. The rolling cam allows 5-10 times the holding force against that of a regular cam buckle too.

Types of Redneck Rafter ™ Straps

Regular - Every strap has one (1) loop behind the Rollercam® buckle. This is our standard strap for normal use. Ideal uses are:

    • tying down gear in a raft

    • transporting rafts, kayaks, and/or paddles on a roof rack or trailer

    • securing items to motorcycles and/or ATV’s

    • Anything else needing to be strapped down, bundled, or solidly attached

hand tightening a yellow polyester cam strap to secure a red kayak to the roof rack of a car

Daisy - Every strap has five (5) loops in a row behind the Rollercam® buckle.

throw bag clipped to a yellow polyester cam strap with daisy chain loops securing a hard plastic cooler in a raft

Handle - Every strap has one (1) handle with a single loop on each end of the handle, all behind the Rollercam® buckle.

hand grabbing a yellow polyester cam strap to pick up an inflatable kayak

Loop Strap - The straps have sewn loops on each end and connect in the middle with a Rollercam® buckle. There is one (1) loop behind the buckle. Great for keeping straps securely attached while allowing for easy access without having to re-strap everything.

teal polyester loop end cam strap product photo

A General Reference to Lengths and Usage

Below are just a few examples to help visualize what length would work best for you.

2 ft - lashing down paddles to a roof rack or connecting spare oars to a frame

4 ft - securing smaller items, connecting an oar frame, or holding your pants up by using as a belt

6 ft - strapping down smaller items (ex. small pump) to a raft thwart or tube or connecting an oar frame

12ft - strapping down larger items (ex. Pelican box, barrel pump, or cooler) to a raft thwart or tube

15 ft - securing a kayak to a roof rack (Note: we recommend using 2 straps per kayak on a roof rack. That way even if there are multiple boats they are individually secured and not just to each other with one single long strap). Also can be used lashing down large amounts of gear in a raft.

20 ft - securing a raft to a roof rack/trailer or large amounts of gear in a raft

*We also have sizes in 8 ft and 10 ft lengths but did not go into detail above. These are great go-betweens the 6 ft and 12 ft lengths depending on the size of the item being secured.

The information above is a very broad overview of just some of the countless ways cam straps can be used. If in doubt about the length, go a size bigger. Not sure about the weight limit or being secure? Double down on that first strap and add another. Either way we would love to hear about and see more examples of ways you use Redneck Rafter™ straps so make sure to let us know!

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